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Our Positive Futures Fund held at CFMC


Tri-Town Youth Services has started the Building for Positive Futures at The Community Foundation of Middlesex County. Our Positive Futures Fund is in addition to the general work that we do, allowing us to build funds for future programming specific to supporting the positive development of Tri-Town youth. Tri-Town Youth Services is committed to ensuring everyone has access to programs and services that empower them, as individuals and a community, to make positive choices for a healthy community and future.

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) works with committed individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to help make a BT and BT for all in Middlesex County. CFMC believes in the good work that our nonprofit does and offers ways to help them build for a positive future, such as establishing organization funds. TTYSB’s Building for a Positive Future Fund will support their work today and for years to come.

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