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We can all be agents of positive change.

About Tri-Town Youth Services Bureau, Inc. 

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

TRI-TOWN YOUTH SERVICES BUREAU, INC. is a nonprofit agency that coordinates, develops and provides services dedicated to promoting the positive growth and development of youth and families in Chester, Deep River and Essex, Connecticut.

Our Vision

Tri-Town Youth Services envisions a community where youth are able to establish strong and positive relationships with family, school, peers, and the community.   

We will:

  • Provide information, resources, and innovative services and programs that meet the changing needs of families, youth, and our community. 
  • Be a financially stable organization supported by our local towns, grants, and fundraising.   
  • Be known for our role in supporting families, youth, and our community.
  • Be recognized as a leader in the field of substance abuse prevention.
  • Inspire positive changes in the attitudes and practices of individuals, community organizations, businesses, and town government agencies through advocacy and modeling so that our youth feel like valued, integral members of our community. 


Our Values

We respect the families, youth, and community members with whom we work.

  • We are accepting and caring in our interactions.

We believe in a strength-based clinical philosophy, centered on the individual and/or family.

  • We offer customized services and resources for individuals and families.

We are collaborative.

  • We are in constant partnership with local government, schools, businesses, faith organizations, law enforcement, and the people we serve to develop solutions to our communities’ challenges.  

We provide low cost or no cost services and programs to meet the needs of all families in the Tri-Town area.

  • We believe that all families should have access to resources and services that improve the quality of life, regardless of their ability to pay.

We commit to a high standard of professional ethics and integrity.

We are accessible and friendly.

Our History

Youth Service Bureaus were started in our country in 1972 with federal Juvenile Justice funds, originally for the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Youth Service Bureaus in CT were established by state statute in 1975 to address the needs of youth. Tri-Town Youth Services Bureau in Deep River, CT was founded in 1984 and continues to strive to foster an environment where youth are able to establish strong and positive relationships with family, school, peers, and the community.

Now, Tri-Town Youth Services Bureau is one of the 100 YSBs in the state of CT, that together serve 100,000 young people each year. A $50 million budget makes youth service bureaus one of the largest systems in the state for services to youth and families. Tri-Town Youth and Family Services Bureau is proud to uphold the professional standards of CYSA.

As is required by the state of Connecticut, TTYSB must address 6 arenas:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Child Welfare
  • Mental Health
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Recreation/Cultural
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