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Hi, there! Need help? Call Us 1-860-526-3600 for Tri-Town Youth Services or Dial 211 for Infoline | Email

We are all here to make help accessible in the Connecticut River Valley towns of Chester, Deep River and Essex.

Get to know a little about us!

Our Staff

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Board of Directors

Theresa  Konefal, Co-Chair

Sandy Senior-Dauer, Co-Chair

Susan Strecker, Secretary

Aaron Zain, Treasurer

Candace Konrad

Jan Taigen

Nancy Pilon

Sarah Waterhouse

Mary Boone


About the Board and How to Join

The Board of Directors of the Tri-Town Youth Service Bureau consists of 6 to 18 members from the tri-town area of Chester, Deep River, and Essex. Each board member serves a two-year term, with no more than three consecutive terms served. One can serve again after a year’s absence.

Board members are expected to participate in meetings, fundraising activities and to promote Tri-Town Youth Services and its mission.

The Tri-Town Board meets the second Tuesday of each month (Sept-June) at 6:30pm. Committees meet as needed throughout the year.

Each board member serves on at least one committee; personnel, finance, membership/nominating and fundraising are our standing committees and meet when necessary. Special committees are formed as needed.

All board members participate in the bureau’s fundraising activities. We are always seeking new ideas for fun, family-friendly fundraisers!

In addition
Board members are also responsible for bringing in new members when vacancies need to be filled.

Would you like to join us?

Please call 860-526-3600 for an application for membership or click below to download an application.  Thank you for your interest and concern for the families and their children in our area!

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