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Breaking the Cycle of #METOO

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018

6:00pm – 7:30pm

The news lately has brought home to all of us how easy it can be for teen sexual experiences to go wrong. Kids of any gender can be victims of sexual assault–or may even contribute to a culture of sexual harassment and violence if they’re confused about what respect and consent should look like.

Jill Whitney, a licensed marriage and family therapist who writes about relationships and sexuality, will guide parents on how to talk with kids about consent and other sex-related topics. She’ll provide:

* ideas for getting the conversation started

* sample language you can use

* ways to deal with strong feelings that may come up for you or your child

Resources will also be on hand from the Women & Families Center and the CT Alliance to End Sexual Violence.  Open to parents of children of any age.

Contact Tri-Town at 860-526-3600 if you have any questions about this presentation.

Event Location

Deep River Public Library’s Community Room, 150 Main Street
Deep River, CT, 06417

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