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Policy Task Force work group

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018

12:00pm – 1:00pm

The Policy Task Force thinks creatively about how state and local laws or ordinances, or school policies can be used to reduce the risk of substance use among residents of Chester, Deep River and Essex. Developing laws or ordinances to limit availability of drugs or alcohol is one part of this work. Another critical component is building a more comprehensive safety net for higher risk youth (those using alcohol or drugs regularly, those involved in the juvenile justice system or those consistently absent from school). The Policy Task Force can help build a system of family supports into the consequences for drug or alcohol infractions. This system of supports may include parent education, early intervention or addiction services or mental health services, as needed. The Policy Task Force may also help establish a network of community service and mentoring opportunities for young people in need of extra care and attention. Wherever possible, we seek to wrap services around those neighbors at higher risk for drug or alcohol abuse.

Meets first Wednesday of each month @ noon at Tri-Town, 56 High Street, Deep River. Our next meeting is January 31, 2018

Event Location

Tri-Town Youth Services Bureau, 56 High Street
Deep River, CT, 06417

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